Where Me Keys? Where Me Phone?

Zipparah Tafari (aka Mr. Zip) from Manchester not only provided the Britain’s Got Talent viewing public with good Saturday night entertainment, he also gave the nation a masterclass in self belief, and a lesson in how to create a ‘STICKY’ idea and market it with the combined power of one of the biggest shows on television & social media.

Self Publishing. Just Do It!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? With a whole suite of free technology at our fingertips the only thing standing in the way of a budding writer, actor, filmmaker, musician, motivational speaker or [fill in the blank here] is procrastination and the pursuit of fame.

Do You Have a Lifestyle Oracle?

Unlike B, many of us want the experience but don’t want to do the research, hence the historical benefit of a travel agent. Nowadays people are after so much more than just travelling to a destination; we want an experience of a lifetime, and the inside scoop.

Cheers! There is no ‘I’ in TEAM

Collaborative working is the key to the future success of small creative businesses. But, in an industry known for egocentric ways and a focus on ‘brainstorming over budget’ – how easy is it to bring creatives together to create a winning team to deliver a big vision, manage budgets and ‘make money’ (a phrase that often gets lost with ‘creative purists’) .

Is It Because I’m Black?

For us at SKZeD the answer is YES. Also we love the fact that you are Black but to be frank, in the words of Michael Jackson’s 1991 hit, it doesn’t matter if you are black or white…just don’t let a crisis change what you stand for – be true to yourself; ride the wave, allow the crisis to provide you with ‘brand’ lessons; remind people about ‘the essence’ they loved in the first place; and focus on getting better at enhancing that experience.

Finding Your Natural Niche

If you watch any one of the hundred videos she has on her channel then you know that Kim lives and breathes her brand. Kim Love definitely has ‘Triple S’ appeal. Over the last 6 years of documenting her hair journey she has been able to carve out a niche for herself and build a personal brand that she has been able to structure into a business and launch it at the tipping point of when the natural hair industry is about to explode.

Creatives help the ‘Emperor’ find a new postcode

Do you think it’s true that where artists go property developers follow? Well this is what our favourite interior designer and property developer Lesley McKenley tells us. So where is the’Emperor’s New Postcode’? It’s a great time to be a creative property developer…with cashflow. If you are in with the in-crowd, have your finger on the creative pulse, a head for figures and an eye for an area begging to be gentrified and regenerated then recession doesn’t mean doom and gloom, for you it means ‘opportunities in adversity’.

Creating Brand Love

As soon as you see Ouigi or walk into Brooklyn Circus you don’t just see – you feel the essence of the brand – ‘classic aesthetics and antique motifs whilst upholding the pillars of modern design’. It seems we aren’t the only ones that are feeling Ouigi Theodore this month. Last week he was captured on The Sartorialist (see picture above) a blog famous for featuring the trendiest people on the street. Love this photo. It’s a beautiful portrait.