The Next Three Days

Paul Haggis is a great screenwriter….now. In his interview with The Dialogue, Haggis talks about being a bad writer for many years. It often takes years of being a rubbish writer before you become a great writer. Being great is often only achieved following a series of failure and mediocrity. The pursuit for perfection before action is a sure way to never get anything done…a life of procrastination, unfulfilled potential, fear and inertia.

Tron Legacy

This weekend I was transported to a faraway land of digital perfection and held captive within the digital world of the computer itself. No, I wasn’t having a marathon session on ‘crackbook’. I was in a darkened room watching Tron Legacy in 3D on the big screen with surround sound at Empire, Leicester Square.

Legacy of laughter

Leslie Nielsen was one of the people that introduced me to the power of comic timing, delivery and play on words to create comedy. Like a lyricist, or a real Hip Hop MC like KRS One and Jay-Z once you mastered an understanding of words and language, you can then play with their meaning for comedic and dramatic effect to share a story or trigger a laugh

Good Fela

There is so much behind the man and his music. Looking forward to Steve McQueen’s movie on the legend. Does anyone know when that is coming out? I thought it was suppose to be this year.