What to wear to the office

The Swiss bank UBS 44-page dress code story on the BBC News site made me smile. Apparently they have issued a dress code manual for client facing staff. We’ve all seen the outfits in the office that have made us double take. We may have even worn them.

Experiential design

I remember saving up my money and purchasing my first Nike Air Rifts from Duffer St George in Covent Garden. It was emotional. Maybe not as emotional as a young gentleman I met recently who was perplexed because I didn’t have an iphone. He told me once you go iphone you can’t go back to an ‘ordinary mobile phone’. I remember thinking to myself, after he finished his 15 minute sonnet of appreciation and love about his iphone; if you are as passionate about the woman in your life as you are about that phone, she is one lucky lady.