Social shades of 1950s Jamaica

The play was like a red onion. Lots of layers, depth of flavour, sharp enough to have a distinctive taste, but sweet enough to be part of a bigger salad. I found myself laughing and shaking my head at the same time due to the comic timing, poignancy of the message but the honest and openness and non judgmental portrayal of the insight through the variety of the characters voices. The characters were comical but not caricature and I recognised them and their legacy in the people I know and love. A love story with a new spice and a different twist.

Stand out, not back

Research shows that we all regardless of gender or race perceive and treat people based on schemas associated with their race/gender/social group. Both men and women hold them about gender.Both whites and people of color hold them about race. People are typically not aware of them, but with effort can become aware of them and change them.

Equality, Diversity…Fairness?

Life isn’t fair. I believe in a society that gives people access to knowledge and tools to be empowered to make a choice when they encounter ‘unfairness’. It is often the unfairness of life that creates our heroes, entrepreneurs and biggest contributors to society. I’m not saying that is right; it just is. To have any measure of success you must have a measure of challenge. The problem I have with the word ‘fairness’ is that it is a word for debate not a measurement of success. It is an unrealistic subjective concept.