Finding your type

What’s to love about fonts? What’s not to love? I think one of the best things about fonts is the way the structure of a font can tell a story and draw you into a word or phrase you would never usually give a second glance.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

I’m as guilty as the next Londoner for not taking the time to get to know my neighbours, I’d far rather go to some far flung exotic location that I know nothing about to do charity work than spend time in my own backyard trying to make my local world a better place.

Multi-tasking detox

Tired from doing too much yesterday. It’s official multi-tasking is so last season. I’m going to start a multi-tasking detox, right after I give up planning my life around the flashing red light of my blackberry. What is that about? I guess it’s one of the hazards of independence and a having choice about what you spend your time doing. Having a choice is just the start. Choosing is an art.

Me and Media

We are what we are because of the experience we have and the people we meet; what we choose to take from those experiences shape our stories. Professor Silverstone helped me to see the world through my eyes and understand that just like media we facilitate what we communicate and we are what we do.