Invisible Women?

Zena Tuitt, Kehinde Olarinmoye and Desiree Banugo joined Simone to share their journeys as Black women through various spheres, and were asked a range of questions during a 2 hour interview about their perception of the beauty and fashion industry; working in the corporate world, and society as a whole.

What’s Going On

So don’t look at me with hate and fury, pay attention your rise has been my dissension. Take a seat your contribution is over, now it’s my turn to watch the ozone burn and make war not love – what you want this s*&t to stop with me, well sorry I’m only fulfilling our legacy. You look at me in disgust but you ignored me – didn’t think I was worth the fuss and now, look, there’s an army of us.

Help Yourself

Heard Eska play at Bookslam this week. Phenomenal. She did a Joan Armatrading track as part of her set. Inspired me to check out the back catalogue. Wow! Better late than never.

Hot Chocolate soiree – 25.02.2011

Once you focus on something, it’s funny how in the words of Paulo Coelho, ‘the universe conspires’ to make it a reality. I love beautiful things, dark chocolate, antioxidants, architecture, interior design, laughter, music and inspiring people with great energy, so…after some encouragement from my friends and a great conversation with Beata at Rococo chocolate I decided to organise a Healthstyle Hot Chocolate event.