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Look good inside out. Find Your balance.

Founded in 2010. Phenomenal Healthstyle is a brand promoting a balanced lifestyle supporting and showcasing people helping people to look and feel good inside and out; as well as producing health and wellbeing focused concepts and events.

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Manager of Pablo Imani – Founder of Afrikan Yoga (2011)

Afrikan Yoga founded by Pablo M Imani Khonsu Sekhem Ptah is a form of yoga known for it’s use of rhythmic movements, to the sounds of drums which aids in heating up the body in order to perform Sayunaats/Postures. Adequate natural body heat and energy generation minimises the risks of injury or strain when doing static postures.

Sponsor & Content Producer – Beauty Within Me (2012)

Beauty Within Me is a brand dedicated to promoting natural beauty, health and wellbeing products and services for people of colour. The inaugural two event was launched on 25-26 August 2012 featuring a host of specialists in hair, beauty, health and well-being focused on the needs of the African Caribbean community.

Sponsor and Content Producer for Curvy N Fit (2012)

Evolve, the premier lifestyle brand for plus size women in the UK hosted Curvy N Fit, a fitness event complete with active workshops, classes and speakers aimed at educating, supporting and empowering plus size women to feel good’ about exercising. The brand was launched at the first ever Curvy N Fit event in London on 18 August 2012.

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