General Manager, Tres Integrative Health & Well-being (2010)
As the General Manager of Tres Integrative Health & Well-being ( what I value most about Zena is how she immerses herself in any subject and learns extremely quickly, rapidly becoming self-sufficient and just getting on with it. It makes my job as a client a much easier one, and at the same time I have the trust that she will be responsible and have the integrity to deliver the brief despite supervision. But above all it is her ability to ‘dig’ the brief out of us all and scope it carefully but generously which I found most useful in working with her. Plus the one thing that I didn’t appreciate until after the work – once you’ve been Zena’s client you are in her mind so she continues to look at opportunities well beyond the end – very refreshing.

CEO & Creative Director, Evolve Media Group Ltd (2010)
I am extremely pleased to have the chance to give Zena a reference for her extremely good work. Zena has been working closely with me for the last year and she has been very significant in helping to set up strategies to develop my business concept into reality. She has been very dedicated and knowledgeable with the best ways to move the business forward and has been able to communicate this at every level. Zena has been very committed within her consultancy role with me with great drive and determination. But above all Zena has been very patient, supportive, and creative and has made intricate contributions to the business.

Director, Integrated Coaching Solutions (2010)
I had the opportunity to work with Zena while she was residing in Bermuda. It quickly became evident that her skill set far exceeded the role which she was hired to fill. As a result, once I established my businesses I called on Zena to provide me with assistance in completing some client projects. Despite the distance in our locations Zena proved to be invaluable, particularly when it became clear that I would have to pass on the majority of the Project Management to her in order to satisfy the clients’ requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Zena and would readily provide any additional information you may require.

Managing Director K4 Innovations Limited (2010)
As a small business that has just spent a lot of our cash in developing a new service I engaged Zena Tuitt to help me establish and execute a marketing plan to support the service launch for January 2011. Due to limited resources this meant I was ‘head cook & bottle washer’ (i.e. decision maker and delivery team) for the project. Zena has been amazing in her approach to a) getting me started; b) my appreciation of the practical application of various marketing standards and principles; c) raising my awareness of when to consider supplementing my own work with that of a professional . Although the project is not complete as yet I believe Zena has played a significant part in what has been achieved to date by openly sharing her knowledge & experience of marketing with complete honesty, and demonstrating a genuine interest in helping her clients succeed. I would recommend Zena to anyone who is prepared to put in the hard work necessary to achieve their goal.

Director of Diversity & Inclusiveness, EMEIA, Ernst & Young (2010)
I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to recommend Zena. I have know her for a couple of years and have seen her operate in several roles. I was particularly impressed with her role as co-chair of E&Y’s Black Network in the UK. She was clearly able to work as a team, to inspire and lead and to influence at all levels of the firm. She could think strategically and deliver operationally. She was a great ambassador for E&Y and left a real legacy with her work.

Senior Manager, Diversity & Inclusiveness, Ernst & Young (2010)
The thing that strikes me most about Zena is her integrity; she is hardworking, driven, enthusiastic and always delivers high quality work and on time. Zena critically challenges – and I find that that helps to drive improvements not only in her work but in the work of her team.

Assistant Director, Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young (2010)
Zena is a results driven individual who consistently demonstrates energy and enthusiasm whilst delivering on very challenging projects.

Programme Leader, Ernst & Young (2009)
The Exec team sponsor for the Capacity for Change’ actively seeks Zena out for advice and to request support in driving the project forwards. In addition Zena has worked with one of the Non-Executive Directors to actively engage him in the project, and this has proved exceedingly helpful at getting Board support for our work Zena has worked hard to draw the links from this work across their existing systems and processes to ensure it is fully integrated approach and not a standalone deliverable. The pack and support materials she has developed for the skills transfer workshops is really exemplary, and will be able to be adapted and used with a number of different NHS clients.

Health Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young (2009)
what really separates Zena from her colleagues is the quality of work she produces. The governance report she wrote and the deliverables for Time to Care’ and Capacity for Change’ have been exceptional. It is important to note that the governance report that Zena developed required a new approach as it was not a piece of work undertaken with any health client I’ve really enjoyed working with Zena she’s great to be around and brings a very positive energy to the work environment.

Sponsoring Partner, EYBN Network, Ernst & Young (2007-2009)
Zena has delivered the strategy and it is worth noting that EY has a premiere league reputation for addressing D&I issues. We are recognised externally for this and Zena must take much of the credit for this achievement. Zena has structured a clear and simple strategy and executed against it She is fearless, resilient and calm. In fact I wish more partners demonstrated these characteristics and did it with such feeling. There are very few people I learn from but Zena has carefully and forcefully helped me develop as a leader in the firm. I am very grateful.

Founding member and Co-Chair, Ernst & Young (2004 2007)
Zena was instrumental in taking forward the EYBN, driving and implementing change within the group and developing strategies that aligned well with the EY D&I objectives. Her diplomatic style enabled Zena to effectively represent the firm and the networks interests at every level with the D&I community. Zena was a joy to work with on the EYBN committee. Her strong interpersonal skills and intuitive approach to problem solving make her an asset to any leadership team.

Partner, Head of Japan Business Services, Ernst & Young (2008)
Not only has [Zena] significantly improved the overall functioning of the group she has also been highly influential in helping other European Areas and the global firm shape the way it serves the Japanese priority accounts. She is regarded by all as the definitive subject matter expert when it comes to account management and her advice and help is requested from far and wide.

Client Service Director, Media & Entertainment sector, Ernst & Young (2007)
I worked with Zena for two years at Ernst & Young and during that time was impressed with her energy and enthusiasm coupled with her depth of media knowledge, her communication skills and her ability to motivate and persuade. Specifically we worked together on a global communications client where she managed and guided the strategic account planning. Her collegiate spirit and team focused attitude meant that she was in demand across the sector and on other accounts – a great working accolade in a high performance environment. In summary I would say that her focus on customers, her drive and determination and her in-depth media experience make her a great asset.

Client Service Partner, Media & Entertainment sector, Ernst & Young (2007)
Zena will always come to me with solutions rather than problems which I find very valuable. Her positive approach and attitude to her work is first class Her effervescent personality, her sense of fun and humour and her commitment and can do approach make her joy to work with.

Member of Client Service Coordinator Network, Ernst & Young (2006)
On joining EY in January I needed support and encouragement from my fellow peers to help integrate into the firm’s culture and values. Zena has played a key part in this process by being very approachable and always ready to help and has often listed to my problems and encouraged me to fulfill my potential Zena set up and manages the Client Service Coordinator group. This has shown courage to lead and with her enthusiasm and energy we are making great progress Zena has supported me in my opportunity to pursue a better induction process. She is conscientious and diligent with a happy disposition. I look to Zena as a role model within the client service community.

Executive VP, Marketing, Argus Group (2004)
She has made a tremendous contribution to the Sales and Marketing department as well as the Argus Group. She has improved processes, created manuals, developed a number of forms and implemented various systems Zena has been a pleasure to work with. It is people like Zena that make Argus an enjoyable place to work.

President & Chief Executive Officer (2004)
In an age when employers are reluctant to say positive things about former employees, I do not hesitate to say of Zena Tuitt: ‘You’ll enjoy her company’.

Advertising & Event Manager (2004)
Zena is bright and energetic and was a major contributor to our Marketing Team. She is smart and forward thinking and a pleasure to work with. Any company would be fortunate to have such an intelligent and hard working employee working for them.

Head of Independent Relations, Channel 4 (1999)

Zena was the first editorial administrator for Channel 4’s Independent Relations Strategy. She successfully devised and implemented several ambitious communications strategies and systems to support companies and talent keen to work with Channel 4. Throughout this period she was unfailingly creative, strategic and had the essential interpersonal skills to successfully communicate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders. This was at a time when Channel 4 was taking its first tentative steps on its digital journey. From the outset, Zena understood the complex, evolving nature of the creative industries, stakeholder management and the significance of digital to that success. Zena organised a series of online chats (first for any Broadcaster, Q&A’s with leading creative’s and crucially the Channel’s first CRM database connecting with talent/stakeholders). This was subsequently rolled out across C4. She directly contributed to the Talent Management Programme encouraging diversity and created measures to track its effectiveness. She is one cool professional dude – I highly recommend Zena.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

I just wanted to leave a comment stating that I’ve already been in receipt of your wonderful services, and L.O.V.E Coaching has proven to be not only beneficial to my person, but liberating’!! You assisted me greatly in identifying some key areas I had to focus on, in order to real-eyes my goals!

Its so easy to get caught in a cyclic way of doing things, only to find out that the way out, or rather the answers, on how to improve and succeed in my own goals (via LO.V.E. coaching) were all lying dormant in my mojo’ (so to speak).

Thanks for helping me to answer my own questions’ and redefine and execute my goals with so much more ease.

A. Burton (2010)
I recently went through the L.O.V.E coaching process with Zena which I found a truly inspiring service. During this process I found out exactly where I should be going and reinforced the key tools I need to do this. This process allowed me to realise my true potential, my values and where my talents lie and is a true testament to understanding and increasing self awareness. Thank you for assisting and preparing me to take the steps on the path to success.

Y.Dore (2010)
My sessions with Zena happily coincided with a time when I was facing some career decisions. Her coaching was instrumental in helping me face those decisions with clarity and understand what it was I really wanted. Her technique and instruction truly enlightened me to aspects of my own personality, the assumptions I make about myself, and the impact they have on my decisions and behavior, which has been incredibly helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend the L.O.V.E. coaching process to anyone.



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