It’s a kind of magic

Had a fun day down the market yesterday. I love the buzz of Stratford. I can feel the Olympic energy starting to build up. The development of Westfield shopping centre next to the continually renovating Stratford tube station. You can feel something big and exciting is going to happen and transform the Eastend.

We had a few transformations of our own yesterday. We had a Body Magic booth where we did some wonderwoman transformation (minus the headbands) – taking men and women down 2-3 sizes in 1o minutes.

At lunch time it got crazy busy! One lady I transformed bought the garment on the spot and didn’t want to take it off. She told me afterwards that it was her 52nd birthday and she was going to go home and put on her dress and strut her stuff. We should feel happy with who we are on the inside and the out but for what ever reason sometimes we don’t. If you can put a garment on that makes you smile instantly and start to build your confidence…

That’s a kind of magic. You go girl!