On the Market

Yesterday I was on the market…

Had a great day at Kijiji Africa Market & Expo in Stratford (Olympic town) yesterday. Some of the greatest entrepeneurs started on a market stall, don’t you know? ; )

It was great talking to people. My friend and I must of spoken to over 15o people. You learn so much; just by taking the time to talk to people and ask them what they think. It also puts your faith back in humans. Most people are really friendly and are happy to be spoken to and acknowledged. A smile and a hello goes a long way. What I learnt yesterday was we all essentially want the same things. Some of us just know how to get it better than others.

It was great to take the digital and media out of social for the day and just have live conversations.

Next week ‘The Phenomenal Team’ are on the market again – picking up the wisdom and knowledge to fill in the gaps to learn the things we need to know to make our business and life better from everyday people making ‘it’ happen in their own way.