There are some artist that just don’t get the props they deserve. Often you forget they are legends until you meet them. I mean, you know they are great artists but because they are still alive you take their talent and contribution for granted. I met Mica Paris this week. I’ve seen her at events but never had the pleasure of talking with her.

I knew she was coming and was happy to meet her but it’s only when she entered, and her aura filled the room that I recognised, I was in the presence of a legend. She has that ability to put everyone at ease and has the depth and experience to tell a story that has the whole room engaged. We chatted about one of my favourite artists, you guessed it…Prince. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, talking to a legend about a legend. Doesn’t get better than that. Can’t wait to read her interview in the first issue of Evolve magazine. Mica Paris is definitely another name on ‘Fantasy Festival’ lineup list.