It’s all about the experience

One of my favourite books is ‘The Emotionally Intelligent Manager’. I use it more like a reference book than anything else. Every time I read it, it provokes thought and a gateway to new tools to deal with everyday life situations. This abstract jumped out at me today…

“It is important to stress that not everything that links emotion and thought is emotional intelligence. To be emotionally intelligent, emotions must enhance and assist our thought processes in some meaningful manner, not just influence them.”

It’s great to hear the new owners of Gatwick talk about the importance of the ‘customer experience of the traveller’ married with the pragmatic solutions to running an airport effectively. Sounds like there are actually applying some emotional intelligence to the solution of providing better airport experiences for passengers. The new owners will be taking over the running of Gatwick Airport in December.

I might just go on holiday at Christmas just to see how the travel experience feels different from before. It might be so good that I might not want to leave the airport…if I’m going to the Caribbean, I doubt that’ll be the case, no matter how great it is!