Question for Beautiful Minds


Question – If we believe that our future self doesn’t exist, is the only way we can create our future through our imagination of what is possible? If this is true, if we have limited beliefs, lack of creativity and emotional intelligence does this mean that as human beings we are not motivated to achieve our potential?

So does this mean the corporate catchphrase of self-interest ‘What’s in it for me? – WIIFM’ is not the universal question. Is the question ‘What’s the Point?’ and ‘Can you inspire me to be bothered about the future?’

As Grayling discussed on In Our Time, the theory of disinterest rather than self interest could be seen as the challenge of human progress.

If that is the case, if we don’t know who we are and what we want from this life does this often result in a disinterest in the future. If we are disinterested in the future, how do we progress or is this a question of faith?

Today, with the help of creativity and imagination my future is bright and with the help my multi-tasking detox I’m focused on my goals.

So are you making progress? What are you today? Interested or disinterested in your future?