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 Sleeves up, baby sleeves up…

Sorry this thought just popped into my head. Think of it as a BLOG AD BREAK – I have a question I want to ask…please indulge me, it has been bugging me through out the UK political stand-up tour we call the election campaign.

What is it with David Cameron and his rolled up sleeves? I think I might need to do some research on whether this is supposed to be symbolic of him positioning himself as someone who can roll up their sleeves, get down and dirty and get the job done. AND OTHER THING… apparently imitation is a form of flattery – if that is the case I’m sure President Obama is overwhelmed with Mr. Cameron’s flattery.

Will the real David Cameron please stand up. I’m looking forward to him bringing out the secret weapon in these final days leading up to the election….maybe a dance to Cheryl Cole’s Fight for this love on The Ellen DeGeneres show. If I saw that even I might be compelled to put my X in his box…(yes, it has come to that!)