The Only Label Worth ‘Liking’

So, who did it?

Feels like we are playing a game of record label ‘Cluedo’ at the moment.

The big question is still the same – who is killing the record label business?; but the new challenge is finding the real culprits?

SKZeD wonder, if it is the usual suspects or the next wave of defendants?

Was it the Harvard grad in the bedroom with the social network; was it the private equity executive in the boardroom with the spreadsheet; or was it the maverick in the exit interview with their big ideas above their station?

SKZeD think that unfortunately there has been so much navel gazing and focus on piracy and copyright protection by the industry that our new suspects – ‘industry frienemies’ have managed to go under the radar.

Who ever dunnit it, it’s official the record label business model is officially dead. Killed by the unquenchable undercover desire of record company execs to be rockstars too – the ‘business’ helped to stage its own death with an unsustainable champagne lifestyle that splashed the cash on painting the town red making the industry execs and the ‘business’ look cool rather than investing in artist development; and as a result falling at the mercy of ‘Reality TV’ to find the next hot thing.

The reality is, that with out talent their is no business and with out investment in talent, talent won’t become stars and won’t make any return on the investment. No return on investment…no business.

So let’s look at the evidence, no official charts; cash has dried up at the record label, expense accounts cut; all the songs, ideas and money outside the label…

In this new networked, technological world where your fans are your greatest marketer and the songwriter is king what is a record label really for these days?

So who did do it?

It seems that the new culprits did not work alone, the murderer my dear friend Watson, was a gang of merry bandits called the technology nerds, maverick managers, independently wealthy music loving entrepreneurs and social media savvy fans.

So in a world where nerds are the ‘new cool kids’; have all the cash, fans and kudos, will the only label that will be worth signing to in the future be FACEBOOK records?

Now there’s an idea. If you haven’t thought of it already Mr. Zuckerberg you can have that one for free…ok may let’s go back in time a few years and you can pay us in shares ; )