Self Publishing. Just Do It!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

With a whole suite of free technology at our fingertips the only thing standing in the way of a budding writer, actor, filmmaker, musician, motivational speaker or [fill in the blank here] is procrastination and the pursuit of fame.

Do you do what you do because you love ‘it’ or because you love the recognition ‘it’ gives you?

Working closely with an e-publishing guru back in 2010; learning all about the wonderful world of e-publishing, it was a question that came to my mind. We have access to so many tools to help us to exercise our creativity we really don’t have an excuse to not pursue our creative passions.

With the aid of technology and creative development you can turn an idea into a digital reality in a fraction of the time it takes in traditional media. How often do we have the tools we need under our nose to realise our goals but because the solution is so simple we are blind to it?

This post was inspired by one of the bloggers on one of SKZeD’s blogsites Phenomenal Healthstyle*. Following a six month sabbatical the PH Travel Thursday blogger decided to make use of her travel musings and write a book to share her experience and show people what to do and more importantly what not to do when taking a travel sabbatical!

…Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt! – an idea, a free online publishing platform tool and a designer… and her book was born. As Michelle said once she had finished the e-book, “…even if one person reads the book I’ve achieved my goal…finishing it!”.

What are you waiting for?

As the adage goes – Build it and they will come. Are you letting the pursuit of fame and fortune get in the way of you developing your craft and realising your passion just for the joy of it?


*Phenomenal Healthstyle is a multi-contributory blogazine where bloggers share their day to day life experience on what a phenomenal healthstyle (finding the balance in life) means for them, whether that is travel, self exploration, performing, spirituality, lifestyle or fitness.