Do You Have a Lifestyle Oracle?

I asked a friend recently for some recommendations on the most cost effective way to travel across to several states in the US for an up and coming tour in 2012.

He is one of those people who have been there, done it and worn the t-shirt. A man in the know about how to get from A-B and have a ‘Fabulous time and feel a million dollars, Daaaarling in the process’.

We all have them in our network, well if you don’t, you should get one – a ‘Lifestyle Oracle’.¬†As expected within 24 hours, ‘B’ had sent me his travel recommendations with options.

“Hey B, you’re good! You still got it!”, I exclaimed.

He replied:

“People were always asking me for recommendations on the hot-spots in town – places to go to dine out, party, take a date to, or sightsee I realised I spent over 20 years travelling between the Caribbean (Jamaica) Europe (London) and US (Chicago) partying and hanging out at some great places with amazing people so I figured it was time to put that experience to use and so I created the Amber Factor – a hospitality lifestyle concierge business”.

While ‘B’ was talking it made me think about Malcolm Gladwell’s theory in his book Outliers: The Story of Success; the theory is that, it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. B’s business ‘The Amber Factor’ made perfect sense…for him.

How many of us are busy searching for the perfect business idea, when if we stopped for a second, took a deep breath, had the confidence to put a price on a service we have mastered through our life’s time and experience we could be doing what we love and getting paid for it?

Think about it. What is the gift you have developed through 10,000 hours of experience? Is it on your 2012 resolution list to explore?

The rise of the Lifestyle Oracle

Unlike B, many of us want the experience but don’t want to do the research, hence the historical benefit of a travel agent. Nowadays people are after so much more than just travelling to a destination; we want an experience of a lifetime, and the inside scoop.

If you have no time or desire to find out what’s hot and what’s not then a company like The Amber Factor can save you time, money and frustration. With many of us living busier lives, finding ways to ‘have our cake and eat it’ has become a ongoing human pursuit.

One of the ways that people are working around this conundrum is by paying someone to do the things that they are not good at – especially entrepreneurs or people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s not necessarily the big complicated stuff people want sorted, but the small stuff that can turn into big stuff if you don’t do it right, i.e. planning travel arrangements, a party, anniversary or a date, cleaning the house or finding the best places to eat out in a town you are a tourist, or have a business meeting in.

With niche lifestyle companies like The Amber Factor popping up, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get your lifestyle designed – you just need a little disposable income. With an emerging market of customers wanting to explore new locations there is a whole new demographic of concierge clientele to market to.

In the age of ‘self actualisation’ why not outsource your lifestyle design, hire one of the emerging army of Lifestyle Concierge businesses (Lifestyle Oracles) in your town and save your 10,000 hours for perfecting your unique gift.

In the words of the Amber Factor – You already live your life, let them enhance it.

Note: The Amber Factor is a hospitality company based in Chicago, IL., that provides a hybrid of concierge/ event/project management services to enhance the lives of our clients. Currently we have a presence in the USA, England and in 2011 added Jamaica.

For more information about The Amber Factor’s services contact:

email: Office: .+1 585.902.823