I’m Dreaming Of A Light Christmas

How is your festive season going?

Is it a heavy one, or a light one? Did you celebrate the ‘true’ meaning of this time of year or did you get overtaken by the ‘need to buy to receive’ or ‘eat like you were at an expensive eat all you can buffet’.

Trust me, I am in no position to judge; I have had more than my fair share of food this season. I’ve been popping mince pies like they were a pack of tic tacs. ¬†What ever way you have decided to spend this time of year, SKZeD hope you are finding new ways to appreci-love your family and friends. But most importantly [love] yourself.

As SKZeD’s Simone Bresi-Ando of Bresi-Ando Consults and I’mPossible said in her recent interview about illegal skin lightening creams on Sky News – Boulton & Co Show.

“Sorry to sound new age – but it all starts with self love”.

Here! Here! Simone. Without that, it is hard to truly love anything else.

We, at SKZeD were quite shocked to hear one of the people interviewed in the voxpop on Sky News, state that 70% of her friends use skin lightening products…70% really?

In a recent conversation with one of my cousins from Jamaica, she said that people don’t take skin bleaching seriously over there, it’s just a fashion. Do you agree?

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think.

  • Is it a big deal?
  • If people are using legal products rather than illegal products is it just a style choice like matching clothes with your handbag, or going to the tanning shop or beach to get a tan?

Are 70% of your friends of a ‘darker hue’ dreaming of a ‘light’ Christmas?

Photo credit: Sammy Sosa ( Zalubowski/AP, Djansezian/Getty)