Cheers! There is no ‘I’ in TEAM

Have you heard the phrase, ‘Team work makes the Dream work’?

Collaborative working is the key to the future success of small creative businesses. But, in an industry known for egocentric ways and a focus on ‘brainstorming over budget’ – how easy is it to bring creatives together to create a winning team to deliver a big vision, manage budgets and ‘make money’ (a phrase that often gets lost with ‘creative purists’) .

With convergence of media, the fast pace change of technology, increasing customer service expectations and the moving of money to emerging markets the phrase ‘Team work makes the Dream work’ has never been truer.

What is even more important is choosing the ‘Right Team’ so that the Dream does not turn into a creative nightmare. One person and sometimes one business can’t know everything; however if you can create a network with a diversity of skills, knowledge, experience and business relationships packaged as a cohesive team with ’emotional intelligence’ (a creative and business six sense) you have a powerful unique selling proposition (USP) for any client.

So how do you choose the right team?

This was a question that SKZeD asked ourselves when coming together as a network. We had to do what often felt like weeks of group therapy and soul searching to find out if we made a good team and to be honest, it was partly a game of trial and error. What we have realised is that it is a ongoing creative and business journey where tough skin and honest ‘constructive’ feedback has been essential to make sure we ‘play our ever evolving positions’ and make sure we put our client’s needs first.

Kehinde Olarinmoye, owner of Last Born Music and one of the founders of the SKZeD Network has 18 years in the music business and has a reputation as ‘…A diamond…[who]…fits into the ‘new model’ in any company’. She is renowned for knowing everyone in the industry and having the ability to make diverse creative music teams work.

We asked Kehinde, as it’s the season of giving and sharing what’s your secret?

“There needs to be a clear understanding of who brings what to the table and I think it’s important to establish from the beginning of any relationship how integral each person is; this helps to eliminate egos I believe”

My Top Three Tips are:

  1. Trust is very important
  2. Sharing a common goal is imperative, whether it be to make lots of money or something else
  3. Open and clear communication

If it doesn’t come natural to you then you can…always read a book. Teaming is basically about learning the art of relationship building…

One of the classics on how to do this is Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ – so why don’t you start this month by giving someone the book for Christmas. ; )

If you celebrate Christmas – have a great one!