Creating Brand Love

Don’t you love the moments of synchronicity in life, when things seem to fall into place?

Simone sent the SKZeD team this great article on Fast Company last week called ‘Finding your Brand’s Red Sole’ about the power of a signature idea like Christian Louboutin’s red soles to capture the heart (and wallet) of the consumer.

Simply, as the writer states:
‘In a time when we all want to stand for so many things, choosing your single point of distinction can be more difficult than solving quadratic equations. But doing the hard work of simplifying your message into its most powerful core will end up driving incredible results. You’ll blast through the noise, while your competitors are tripping over their 47 ‘unique’ value propositions.’

Later that week at a function hosted by Interior Designer & Menswear Stylist Lesley Kalu she showed us her photos from a trip to Brooklyn Circus in Brooklyn, New York earlier this year.

Lesley Kalu at Brooklyn Circus with Founder Ouigi Theodore

That’s it! I thought. The essence of the article. You know it when you feel it. It’s what we call at SKZeD the ‘Triple S’ effect. It’s a process of trial and error but when you get there, you know it all adds up. Synchronicity + Style + Stickiness = Brand

As soon as you see Ouigi or walk into Brooklyn Circus you don’t just see – you feel the essence of the brand – ‘classic aesthetics and antique motifs whilst upholding the pillars of modern design’

It seems we aren’t the only ones that are feeling Ouigi Theodore this month. Last week he was captured on The Sartorialist (see picture above) a blog famous for featuring the trendiest people on the street. Love this photo. It’s a beautiful portrait.

The beauty of creativity is ideas, the challenge of business is turning big bright ideas in to a product with a clear single point of distinction that delivers a must have experience of service. If creative people want to create brands they need to either become business people or find a way to work with them.

People may ‘like’ ideas and experiences but in today’s world they only buy brands. What would you prefer a social media page full of ‘likes’ or a bank account full of appreciation notes?

An old ‘personal branding’ catchphrase you’ll often hear in a corporate training course is ‘What do you want to be famous for?‘ as contrite as it sounds knowing will help you find, define, monetise and communicate your brand or talent.

At SKZeD that’s what we do. We have the expertise to help you ‘turn ideas into reality but more importantly into brands’.

When creating brand love it’s always better to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

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