Invisible Women?

“In July 2011, Simone Bresi-Ando who is also one third of the creative network SKZeD, was honoured when CNN international approached her, in her capacity of founder of the social enterprise; I’mPOSSIBLE ( a celebratory and thought-provoking platform for women of colour in the UK) to talk about her experience as a Black British female.

Zena Tuitt, Kehinde Olarinmoye and Desiree Banugo joined Simone to share their journeys as Black women through various spheres, and were asked a range of questions during a 2 hour interview about their perception of the beauty and fashion industry; working in the corporate world, and society as a whole.

Simone, the 31 year old I’mPOSSIBLE founder commented:

“We spoke at length about the impact of living in a country where women of colour were in such small numbers compared to the US and how this contributed to the ‘invisibility’ of certain types of images of woman in various stratas of British society. These conversations led onto what inspired us but also how good it was to be a British woman of colour in 2011, and how we’re using platforms like I’mPOSSIBLE to shape our unique bi-cultural identity and define our multi-dimensional identities on our own terms.

It was an amazing opportunity to offer an insight into the often unheard voice and image of the ‘professional black female’. We are happy that CNN International’s reporter Liane Membis felt our story was newsworthy and provided us with a global digital platform to pique interest in the ‘every day’ lives of first generation British born black females – an image often invisible in the media”.

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