What’s Going On

You got me singing Marvin’s song (2002)
Slipping on my Air Force Ones
I’m stepping out the door, ready for war
Body pumped with chemicals, driving me insane
The toxins are wrecking my brain
I’m hip, hypnotized by ‘Urban TV’ – I’ve chosen drugs, guns and bitches as my reality
I’m 16, you see I already know this is it, I’m being all I can be
“The Meek shall inherit the earth”
I’m living in your un-flushed toliet bowl

If this is what I inherit, meek ain’t want I’m looking to be. F*&k the bigger picture, you showed me it’s all about me!
It’s global gang warfare out there, why should I care I thought I was born free, no chains, but designer garms’ are enslaving me, they give me my only sense of pride and dignity

I didn’t get it from my Momma, see she was a baby when she had me. Her meaning of life was the sentence of motherhood. She couldn’t help not raise me; she was too busy bogling and sipping on brandy.

But it’s all good, don’t feel sorry for me, I’m like a gangsta rapper the streets raised me, I can be all I can be in the Ectasy army.
The crime don’t pay bull don’t faze me – so don’t tell me I’m wasting my potential not getting any credentials, cause realistically you have a degree, and you don’t make no more money than me – Capitalism is the key – I learnt that lesson early.

Values and principles are for the powerless and poor ’cause politicians and R&B artists schooled me, they’re living large just like I’m gonna be, some can even piss on a 14 year old girl and thank God at the Grammy’s (and still get a hug from heaven) and have a platinum CD.

Everybody ain’t Kung Fu fighting on the dance-floor no more, they’re drawing real weapons of war and last night the DJ didn’t save my life, he taught me about modern day romance – (put it in your mouth)

So don’t look at me with hate and fury, pay attention your rise has been my dissension. Take a seat your contribution is over, now it’s my turn to watch the ozone burn and make war not love – what you want this s*&t to stop with me, well sorry I’m only fulfilling our legacy.

You look at me in disgust but you ignored me – didn’t think I was worth the fuss and now, look, there’s an army of us.

So go on sing Marvin’s song – What’s going on? That was 71 and you still don’t see this s*&t didn’t start with me.

Give me a reason to care and I just might, but otherwise I’ll go on living in this unflushed toliet bowl. I didn’t create it, I found it that way – you get me!?