I watched a video on PBS website – They have a great series called the The Emotional Life. There was a feature with some celebrities who giving their thoughts on what happiness means to them. Joan Rivers made me laugh – her take was that, we have too much time on our hands worrying about being happy. The Pioneers didn’t have time to worry about being happy, they just got on and made things happen. I’d have to agree that we have become a self-indulgent society.

I feel very privileged that my Ancestors have afforded me as a British female of African Caribbean descent with a choice to indulge in the luxury of self-reflection. It’s a free privilege I have chosen to accept. For me, its finding the balance between the pursuit of happiness and getting on with it. The more I live the more I understand that the only way not to over indulge myself in the pursuit for happiness is to ensure that I only seek happiness from the inside out not the other way around. I’m sure Joan would agree if she could still move her face to express any other emotion apart from surprise and constipation…(Did I say that?!)