“Dee Dee gets what Dee Dee wants”

I guess Dee Dee wasn’t joking when she said ‘Dee Dee gets what Dee Dee wants’ at her show this week (March 14) at Ronnie Scotts. One Grammy could be classified as luck, but twice, that’s ON PURPOSE.

It was a blessing to watch and listen to Ms. Bridgewater at Ronnie Scotts – London, particularly in the month of the international celebration of women. I didn’t know much about Dee Dee before I went to the show; I just knew she was going to be good. Her performance was authentic, her passion and beautiful mastery of her voice drew me in and her playful sensual banter with her all male band made me giggle – “Dee Dee gets what Dee wants!” ; )

Her performance of Billie Holliday’s ‘God Bless the Child’ was a great reminded that we stand on the shoulders of great women – we have all we need to ‘get our own…get our own’.

Thanks for the music Ms Bridgewater and making my Mum feel special by wishing her a personal Happy Birthday. It was emotional.


Photo taken from: http://media.nostalgie.fr