Hot Chocolate soiree – 25.02.2011

If you have happened to come across my blog before, you’ll know I have a thing for great not good great hot chocolate. Last year I made it my mission to sample some of the best. A few of my favourites have been Paul A. Young, Princi & The Market Coffee House.

Random association alert!

Donna McConnell, Showbusiness Editor at Daily Mail alerted me to the Burberry campaign. Love it! Now that’s what I call Hot Chocolate Healthstyle! Work it Jourdan & Sacha! You sexy thangs!

Random association alert over!

Once you focus on something, it’s funny how in the words of Paulo Coelho, ‘the universe conspires’ to make it a reality. I love beautiful things, dark chocolate, antioxidants, architecture, interior design, laughter, music and inspiring people with great energy, so…after some encouragement from my friends and a great conversation with Beata at Rococo chocolate I decided to organise a Healthstyle Hot Chocolate event.

If you want to end your week on a different kind of high next Friday come and join us for our first after work ‘Healthstyle – Hot Chocolate Soiree. Get to connect with some inspiring people, try some quality hot chocolate and chocolate treats, find out from the experts why its so good for you and how you can tell good chocolate from bad chocolate and partake in some laughter with our special guest host. We have a prize to be won and everyone will get a chocolate goodie bag to take home!

Tickets reserved in advance are £10 and £15 on door.