Tron Legacy

This weekend I was transported to a faraway land of digital perfection and held captive within the digital world of the computer itself. No, I wasn’t having a marathon session on ‘crackbook’. I was in a darkened room watching Tron Legacy in 3D on the big screen with surround sound at Empire, Leicester Square.

The film was an auditory & visual feat of the science of the moving picture. The picture so smooth it looked like liquid mercury and the sound so clear it was like having Pavarotti singing in your ear. The story seemed secondary to the cinematic physiological experience, but that was fine. The actors played their position as the vehicle to showcase the special effects. It was like a trip to the Arcade and Science museum all in one with great tour guides.

A movie for big kids. Sexy, sophisticated digitised retro with lots of big toys, techno beats, digital age fashion and a moral tale of the dangers of the pursuit for perfection.

I’m not 100% sold on the need for it to be in 3D. My glasses felt like they were obscuring the movie more than enhancing it. To me it would have been perfect without. Only on a few occasions when I peered over the glasses did I feel they were completely necessary.

With Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic planning commercial flights and hotel developments on the moon – science and innovation is in a constant race to keep impressing us with the possibilities. 3D feels a bit 80s. (Maybe I’m missing the point).

If I have to take the time to disinfect 3D glasses, put them on and wear them through out the movie there needs to be more thrill than objects appearing closer than they really are. But then I am from a ‘That don’t impress me much’ generation. Plus I didn’t know much about the Tron movement before watching the movie and didn’t realise the original was released in 1982. Was it in 3D then?

Doing a quick internet search after I watched it unveiled a Tron fanworld unknown to me…and after stumbling on the Tron stilettos Jerome Rousseau exclusively designed for the movie and reading that Balenciaga and Versace were commissioned to design womens & menswear for the movie – I’m digging the movie a little more.

What can I say…I’m a marketer at heart. ¬†You can never go wrong with a little ‘Sex in the cybercity’.