On the 3rd day of Christmas

I read recently that the song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ had a symbolic meaning. It was based on Christian teachings. Each day symbolised a different teaching. The three ‘French Hens’ on the 3rd day of Christmas (27th December) are representative of the three theological virtues – Faith, Hope and Love.

The great thing about this time of year in the UK is that people tend to make the effort to reach out, connect and be nice to each other more than any other time of the year.  Can you imagine some people are nice to each other Рspreading faith, hope and love in others lives every day of the year!? Crazy thought.

A friend of mine who is one of those people that is passionate about making a difference sent me a digital musical Christmas card from a charity called the Brotherhood of St. Laurence in Australia where she does some work. Like so many charities they don’t seem to be saving up their spirit of giving just for Christmas but are making a difference all year round.

The work they do to through research, services and advocacy, helps people experiencing disadvantage at all stages of life and empowers them to build a better future. Their mission is to eradicate poverty in Australia.

With the cold front of snow that has arrived in the UK this week that doesn’t seem to be letting up, it’s always nice to have a little something extra to warm the heart. Enjoy this Christmas song – courtesy of the Brotherhood of St. Laurence Breakfast Club Choir.

About the Breakfast Club

The Brotherhood of St Laurence’s Breakfast Club offers a healthy breakfast to disadvantaged primary school children and their families every day of the school term. To celebrate the festive season, the kids at the Breakfast Club formed a choir and recorded a song, under the direction of the Brotherhood’s new Ambassador Jonathon Welch, founder of the Choir of Hope and Inspiration¬†(formerly the Choir of Hard Knocks). We hope you enjoy this compilation of Ode to Joy and This Little Light of Mine, with the words ‘happy friends together’ sung in Dinka, a major dialect spoken in southern Sudan. Your donation to the Brotherhood this festive season will help us keep programs like the Breakfast Club running. http://www.bsl.org.au/Breakfast-Club-Choir.aspx