Multi-tasking detox

Tired from doing too much yesterday, (it’s official multi-tasking is soooo last season) I’m going to start a multi-tasking detox…right after I give up planning my life around the flashing red light of my blackberry (What is that about?). I guess it’s one of the hazards of independence and having a choice about what you spend your time doing. Having a choice is just the start.

Choosing is the art.

The wonders of the modern world is that there is so much you can do. On Wednesday I was watching TV, while talking on the phone. The activity delivered the result you’d expect. I missed the programme and wasn’t really engaged in the telephone call. Not only is it rude, it’s a waste of time. What I’m realising (and yes, its taken longer than it should), as a single person with no real responsibilities (i.e. children) there is no need for me to multitask. It is a pointless exercise leading nowhere and achieving nothing.

I’ve heard this a thousand times but finally I think it is sinking in. I found my signed copy of Tim Ferriss book the 4-hour week this week. (I’ll save that story for another post). I opened it up on the page that talked about multitasking. Fortuitous. Perfect timing. Divine intervention. Call it what you will – it drove the message home. It was the ultimate anti-multitasking political broadcast.

Talking of political broadcasts – don’t get me started about the electoral media roadshow. If I hear another political buzzword or MP demonstrating what a man of the people they are – cue politician in superhero voice – ‘I will crush social inequality with my He-Man strength and blow away climate change with a Superman breath’…

One step at a time, boys…finish reading ‘How to get my mojo back’ first and then maybe we can start thinking about how you are going to save the NHS by reducing costs in a way that doesn’t impact on staff and quality. Maybe I’m getting old but it feels like kids are running the political campaigns. I can picture it now – “Hey ‘insert leader of the party name here’ I think you should do ‘insert generic cool kids activity or PR stunt here’ everyone’s doing it and it worked for Obama so it’s worth a try”.

Anyway I digress…another multitasking hazard!