There’s something about Shirley

It seemed Shirley had everything, looks, charm, intelligence and charisma. In the winter Shirley was the girl that all passing women would envy and admire.

Shirley had been able to check almost all of the checkboxes that seem so illusive to this millennium’s independent female Londonite. She had the diamond. The only thing she didn’t have yet was the ‘golden band’ but every woman could see that that was only a matter of time.

Shirley loved the winters they were great. It was the summers she dreaded. Some how her perfect world didn’t seem so perfect anymore. The looks of adoration from the same women in the summer turned like the seasons; from eyes of admiration to looks of bewilderment and surprise.

Summer arrived; sandal season. Shirley’s secret was out. She was the girl with the extra- ordinarily long 2nd toe…