Finding your type

Is it nerdy to be fascinated by fonts?

A blur of words rushed past my head. I was late. My brisk walk turned into a run. Seeing the words swirl past like a carousel excited me. (It doesn’t take much).

Straight lines, curved lines, patterned shapes, angular objects glistened from the corner of my eye. Running down trendy Bermondsey Street on my way to London Bridge, my empty breakfast eyes feasted on an array of abstract and cool fonts.

My awareness of fonts was heightened because of a book I read about in Shortlist magazine a couple days ago. The review jumped off the page at me. Mainly because I love fonts. The book was about fonts.

What’s to love about fonts? What’s not to love? I think one of the best things about fonts is the way the structure of a font can tell a story and draw you into a word or phrase you would never usually give a second glance.

When I read about Simon Garfield’s book I knew I had to have it. It was a book I knew would take prize position next to my Trainers book by Neal Heard. There are some things that make me emotional for no logical reason – they include fonts and trainers. Both are items that I would click as my ‘likes’ on my Nerd Social Network Profile Status.

Along with being a dancer, journalist, ballerina, accountant, film producer and a scientist if I had known what a typographer was when I was a teenager I would have put that on the list of potential careers too.

‘Just my type’ is now in my book collection. I opened the first page and I knew we had found each other at the right time.

It was the universe conspiring. I had only posted a ‘looking for love’ post on my blog last month, on 27 October to be precise; and in less than 3 weeks – there it was, an introduction – ‘a love letter’ (and they say love is hard to find in London).

I say love isn’t hard to find, we just need to know what font we’re looking for before we find our type. What’s your type?