Social shades of 1950s Jamaica

The play was like a red onion. Lots of layers, depth of flavour, sharp enough to have a distinctive taste, but sweet enough to be part of a bigger salad. I found myself laughing and shaking my head at the same time due to the comic timing, poignancy of the message but the honest and openness and non judgmental portrayal of the insight through the variety of the characters voices. The characters were comical but not caricature and I recognised them and their legacy in the people I know and love. A love story with a new spice and a different twist.

Marathon not a race

O.K so you are stuck underground for over 2 months, not sure if you are going to come back out alive. What do you say to yourself…? “The first thing I’m gonna do when I get out of here is to train for the New York marathon”. Hmmm…not sure whether I find that interesting or inspiring. I’ll go for inspiring-ly interesting.