Legacy of laughter

Leslie Nielsen was one of the people that introduced me to the power of comic timing, delivery and play on words to create comedy. Like a lyricist, or a real Hip Hop MC like KRS One and Jay-Z once you mastered an understanding of words and language, you can then play with their meaning for comedic and dramatic effect to share a story or trigger a laugh

The Art of Smiling

Tyra Banks breaks down the smile factor. Each occasion needs a different smile. You wouldn’t wear stilettos with a tracksuit so why would you give someone you are trying to flirt with the same smile you give the boss you don’t like much.

Experiential design

I remember saving up my money and purchasing my first Nike Air Rifts from Duffer St George in Covent Garden. It was emotional. Maybe not as emotional as a young gentleman I met recently who was perplexed because I didn’t have an iphone. He told me once you go iphone you can’t go back to an ‘ordinary mobile phone’. I remember thinking to myself, after he finished his 15 minute sonnet of appreciation and love about his iphone; if you are as passionate about the woman in your life as you are about that phone, she is one lucky lady.

Hot Chocolate

I believe in miracles. Yes I do. I had the most sensational hot chocolate today. It took me by surprise. It was emotional. I would go as far as to say that it was one of the best hot chocolates I have had in my whole life! DELICIOUS.

Good Fela

There is so much behind the man and his music. Looking forward to Steve McQueen’s movie on the legend. Does anyone know when that is coming out? I thought it was suppose to be this year.

Finding your type

What’s to love about fonts? What’s not to love? I think one of the best things about fonts is the way the structure of a font can tell a story and draw you into a word or phrase you would never usually give a second glance.