Hot Chocolate soiree – 25.02.2011

Once you focus on something, it’s funny how in the words of Paulo Coelho, ‘the universe conspires’ to make it a reality. I love beautiful things, dark chocolate, antioxidants, architecture, interior design, laughter, music and inspiring people with great energy, so…after some encouragement from my friends and a great conversation with Beata at Rococo chocolate I decided to organise a Healthstyle Hot Chocolate event.

On the 3rd day of Christmas

A friend of mine who is one of those people that is passionate about making a difference sent me a digital musical Christmas card from a charity called the Brotherhood of St. Laurence in Australia where she does some work. Like so many charities they don’t seem to be saving up their spirit of giving just for Christmas but are making a difference all year round.

Hot Chocolate

I believe in miracles. Yes I do. I had the most sensational hot chocolate today. It took me by surprise. It was emotional. I would go as far as to say that it was one of the best hot chocolates I have had in my whole life! DELICIOUS.

Love thy neighbour

There is no doubt that many organisations and people do great work, but I sometimes ask myself why do we feel the need to travel half way around the world to be ‘nice’ to someone when there are so many people on our doorstep who we could show a little more care and consideration to. Would this not help to make the world a better place too?