Cheers! There is no ‘I’ in TEAM

Collaborative working is the key to the future success of small creative businesses. But, in an industry known for egocentric ways and a focus on ‘brainstorming over budget’ – how easy is it to bring creatives together to create a winning team to deliver a big vision, manage budgets and ‘make money’ (a phrase that often gets lost with ‘creative purists’) .

Help Yourself

Heard Eska play at Bookslam this week. Phenomenal. She did a Joan Armatrading track as part of her set. Inspired me to check out the back catalogue. Wow! Better late than never.

What to wear to the office

The Swiss bank UBS 44-page dress code story on the BBC News site made me smile. Apparently they have issued a dress code manual for client facing staff. We’ve all seen the outfits in the office that have made us double take. We may have even worn them.