I think the Law of Attraction was at work for me this weekend. Following an outing to see the Karate Kid, I found some old notes in my bag from a Buddhism seminar I went to in Bermuda in 2004. The seminar was held by Lama Kathy Wesley. The insight I gained from that seminar definitely opened my mind to alternative ways of seeing and being in the world.

Three key lessons that have stayed with me till today:

  • Enlightenment as described by a dying friend of Lama Kathy – ‘complete wisdom, perfect wisdom, complete compassion, perfect compassion. Enlightenment frees you from confusion. When you are enlightened, acceptance is easy as there is no need to question why.’
  • When we grasp the concept that the mind has the limitless ability to give love and compassion and receive hurt and pain of others, then we allow ourselves to be able to give freely and be compassionate and always able to provide help to others.
  • Think about things or situations that upset us in life. Are we keeping them alive by holding on to them? Remember it is YOU that keeps thoughts alive not other people or thoughts themselves. You can be in control of your mind and thoughts.

Have a great week and be your best YOU!