‘Being still and doing nothing are two different things’ – Jackie Chan, Karate Kid 2010.

Went to see Karate Kid remake with my Godchildren. It was all round Hollywood entertainment. At times the humour was a little ‘adult’ (or am I just behind the times?), but all in all – great family fun. It’s great to see the next generation of children enthralled by the ancient art of martial arts.

I didn’t think you could match Ralph Macchio in the original but Jaden Smith brought a new millenium flavour to the role. Jackie Chan is always a joy for me to watch. The choreography and stunts were thrilling.

I’ve always admired the martial arts and spent some time learning Gong Fu (Kung Fu) and Akikido mainly to improve my focus and discipline. I practiced for a while at Shaolin Temple in Tufnell Park, London. Unfortunately I was not ready for the lesson. The constant repetition was too much for my busy brain to take. Couldn’t fathom that the art of stillness was more than just a game of musical statues. That coupled with raging hormones made it hard for me to focus on the lesson rather than the svelte and athletic prowess of the Shaolin monk with the ability to do a handstand on his fingertips.

I wasn’t ready to be taught. My first lesson was that we have to be in a place within ourselves, where we are able to receive before we can receive.

Let’s just say I spent many years picking my jacket off the floor.