The secret of positive thinking

I like this emotional intelligent point of view…

Practically everyone has heard about seen or Read the Secret. It is all about positive intention and knowing the Universe will provide. Mmm Yes and No!!

Well this kind of Cosmic Ordering Service, as far as I know ONLY comes with some work and effort on behalf or the orderer.

Out of all these hundreds of thousands or even millions of people, who are making affirmations or cosmically ordering, how many are honestly getting what they want?

Well, the Secret about the Secret is you can have all the positive intention and affirmation you want. It also requires ‘You’ add the magic ingredient …

Unless you are a Lottery Winner your chances of getting what you want by intention alone are practically zero.

The real secret is Take Action! If you want something in your life, YES set your intention to make it happen AND … Take Action to Making this come true.

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