Can you repeat the question?

Not being able to receive is just as limiting as not being able to give.

This network marketing business is a phenomenal learning curve. I’m learning so much about myself and others every day. I’m new to this so I make mistakes all the time. Fortunately, I’ve embarrassed myself enough times in this life to know not to be defeated by mistakes just learn from them and move on.

To go on this journey I had to rapidly change my mindset on a number of personal beliefs. As I’m new to this I have identified several mentors. I spoke to one of my network marketing mentors, as I am not progressing as fast as my potential. He put a phone in my hand and asked me if I have problems receiving. Ironically I asked him to repeat the question. He looked at me puzzled and repeated the question. I was confused for a minute – then it dawned on me that I do have a problem receiving. I’ve always seen myself as a leader and in the past been around some needy people, which to be honest, served my need to be needed and in control.

At that moment, with the phone in my open hand, I realised I had mastered the art of giving but not the art of receiving. I guess it could be seen as the equivalent of talking when you should be listening or giving advice when you should just be doing it by example.

Thanks Mr. Ford. Message received. Back to business

Looking Good, Inside Out