I’ll give you that one for free

I guess when you make as much money as Mr. Bill Gates and you see the future so clearly, you can afford to give multi-million pound ideas away. I’m glad Steve Jobs was listening as much as he was talking or he might have missed Mr. Gates giving him the secret to his future success.

Mr. Jobs seemed quite sure that PCs were the future. It just shows that sometimes we need to review our thinking and challenge our beliefs to see opportunity when it presents itself.

I was looking forward to seeing what experience the Microsoft Courier had in store for us and how it was going to compare to the ipad. So I was sad to hear they had cancelled any further development. That is the risk you take when predicting the future. It may never happen. Technological ideas are moving so fast that I don’t know if us humans are designed in a way to be able to adapt to these changes at such speed. Maybe that’s the reason they cancelled it. (Answers on a postblog please!)

Microsoft most probably realised with people looking for ways to simplify their life, technology designers need to focus on the user experience and benefits that enable this; much more than how clever and complicated they can make the features. It’s often TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

In my mind, it’s all about context. In my day to day life I don’t care how many widgets and gizmos its got. I just want a plain and simple demonstration of how it makes my life not the life of a graphic designer easier. Once I know the basic benefits (how much time it can save me) then I’ll get emotional about all the other whizzy things it can do in a work context.

It’s just an opinion but Mr. Ballmer – you can have that one for free.