Adam Hutchings

The future of marketing is networked

A friend sent me an email today with a presentation they thought I’d be interested in. They were right. I was interested in it. I guess they knew I would like it because they know me, and from our conversations they know what I like. This is the simple power of communicating through social media and ‘word of mouth’ (network) marketing…



I think the Law of Attraction was at work for me this weekend. Following an outing to see the Karate Kid, I found some old notes in my bag from a Buddhism seminar I went to in Bermuda in 2004. The seminar was held by Lama Kathy Wesley. The insight I gained from that seminar definitely opened my mind to alternative ways of seeing and being in the world.



I didn’t think you could match Ralph Macchio in the original but Jaden Smith brought a new millenium flavour to the role. Jackie Chan is always a joy for me to watch. The choreography and stunts were thrilling.

Keep on running

I know it’s not great for the knees but there is nothing like a run to clear the chest and mind. Forgot how revitalising it is; especially when you got the sea as a backdrop for a couple of weeks. If that’s not an incentive to get up and run,…

The secret of positive thinking

I like this emotional intelligent point of view… Practically everyone has heard about seen or Read the Secret. It is all about positive intention and knowing the Universe will provide. Mmm Yes and No!! Well this kind of Cosmic Ordering Service, as far as I know ONLY comes with some…

Can you repeat the question?

Not being able to receive is just as limiting as not being able to give. This network marketing business is a phenomenal learning curve. I’m learning so much about myself and others every day. I’m new to this so I make mistakes all the time. Fortunately, I’ve embarrassed myself enough…


Had an awesome experience yesterday at Tres Health & Wellbeing at Chelsea Bridge, London. They say it’s called a massage, but it felt more like a virtual transportation to a far away land – where the sun always shines, the air glistens and everything is irie! It was my first…