Rainy Days


I had planned to go the Natural History Museum to see the butterflies on Sunday with my Mum but we made an executive decision to succumb to a rainy Sunday in our respective homes. So instead I made it Soul and Reggae cleaning Sunday. I’m always amazed at the things I find while cleaning. I found a note I wrote for an event called the Woodson Barrow Luncheon with a group of young people I attended a couple of years ago. It listed the things I had learnt through trial and error on my life journey. This was my list, some I’m still mastering, others I put less emphasise on. What would you add to the list?

  • You become what you focus on. Two of my favourite songs that act as musical cues when I lose my focus. Bob Marley – Redemption song and Sounds of Blackness – Optimistic. What’s your tune?
  • Choose your company wisely. I used to love ‘catching jokes’ at school, unfortunately the time I spent ‘catching’ jokes meant I had to drop something….MY GRADES.
  • There are universal laws. However you are born with choice, so you can choose to break them. If you choose to break them, be accountable for the consequence. Take responsibility – it’s how you react to the situation that will make the difference between a sad story and a success story.
  • Have a gratitude attitude. Everyday is a blessing and complainers are such bores.
  • Find mentors from a variety of backgrounds. It’s good to see things from different perspectives – it keeps the mind open and helps you grow
  • Get a financial education. What does credit crunch mean for you? How does it impact you? If you don’t understand finance, you won’t know
  • Black History Month. What does this mean to you? What is your story? Research the stories that are meaningful to you not just the Black History headlines…i.e. slavery, when we were Kings, etc.
  • Success is an equation. Take time to understand the formula. Plan+ prepare+try to perform at your best+manage your self in the time you have+prioritise
  • Create your own luck. You have the starring role in your movie
  • What do you want your personal brand to represent to your friends/at college and at work? What do you want people to say about you when you are not there?
  • Not being understood is not cool. You are blessed to have access to a wide vocabulary, choose to use it. Being able to communicate is one of the most powerful tools you can access for free. Widen your vocabulary it will open up your world.
  • Choose your media wisely. The brain can be over saturated with information. Most of the world news comes from a few sources. Read to understand and have an opinion and point of view on the things happening in the world. It will help you understand what your values and beliefs look like in practice.

So what’s your life lesson? Send me a comment. Sharing is caring…Have a great day.