Rainy Days

Butterflies I had planned to go the Natural History Museum to see the butterflies on Sunday with my Mum but we made an executive decision to succumb to a rainy Sunday in our respective homes. So instead I made it Soul and Reggae cleaning Sunday. I’m always amazed at the…


Political Blog Ad

What is it with David Cameron and his rolled up sleeves? I think I might need to do some research on whether this is supposed to be symbolic of him positioning himself as someone who can roll up their sleeves, get down and dirty and get the job done. AND OTHER THING… apparently imitation is a form of flattery – if that is the case I’m sure President Obama is overwhelmed with Mr. Cameron’s flattery.


I watched a video on PBS website – They have a great series called the The Emotional Life. There was a feature with some celebrities who giving their thoughts on what happiness means to them. Joan Rivers made me laugh – her take was that, we have too much time…